Photographer Ed Anderson takes us behind the scenes at the Slanted Door Restaurant in San Francisco


slanted door


Ed Anderson’s pictures in Charles Phan and Janny Hu’s THE SLANTED DOOR (Ten Speed Press) are so good they make you hungry. Luckily, the recipes from Phan’s much loved San Francisco restaurant are right next to them. The crispy rice cakes gave me a new reason to dust off the ebelskiverpan (they were eaten as fast as they could be made), and I’m glad to have the recipe for the filibuster cocktail. Phan’s dishes are remarkably translatable to home cooking. Of roasted lobster with butter-herb dressing, he notes: “Lobster is actually quite easy to prepare, and if you have all the ingredients sliced and diced ahead of time, it needs just 15 to 20 minutes in the oven before you serve it to guests. I’m pretty sure they’ll be wowed.”

Excerpt from the New York Times Book Review






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