Remembering Bill Paxton

Back in May of 2016, Greg DuPree photographed actor Bill Paxton for Southern Living Magazine. Here, Greg reflects about his time on set that day with the actor.

We caught up with Bill Paxton a few weeks back while he was in Atlanta filming Term Life and promoting the just released Edge of Tomorrow. Completely laid back and ready to go, Bill showed up at the location with kale juice in hand and a Kale Me Crazy t-shirt from next door….which I thought was pretty hilarious and strange, so it immediately put me at ease. Being from Texas, I assumed he was going to be a southern rock fan, so we had to have a little Creedence and Allman Brothers blasting through Parish…in which he instantly noticed and began singing along as soon as he sat in. I have to admit I was a bit nervous preparing for this..after all, for over thirty years he’s worked with just about every major actor and has become a favorite in the James Cameron stable of actors. But it’s no wonder he plays the everyman in the majority of his roles…even if he’s meant to be the villain, you root for him simply because he’s completely charming and likable. I first remember him in Weird Science (a film he said he’d never live down) where he played one of probably top ten assholes of all time in film…Chet…but…you loved him! He even threw out a Jack Nicholson impression during a story he was telling, and at one point we had completely stopped shooting, testing out everyone’s best Ted Levine impression after he found out that one of my assistants had never seen Silence of the Lambs.

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