Learning to See in Mono

Indeed, many things are not as simple as black and white. Modern black and white photography at it’s best is art, and many photographers regard it as the purest form of photography. Not all subjects are suitable for black and white and the successful photographer recognizes this and searches out subject matter that looks better in black and white. Photographer Joel Grimes work represents his view of the world in monochrome.

266020_481812898513194_1367701185_oMonique-Lake-Tahoe-Rocks-5Monique-Sutro-Baths-BirdsAlison-Running-Death-ValleyBrittany-Joshua-Tree-9795Greg Wildman 9047 (2)Jennifer 2926 low resamy-rose-Back-Cloth_4185Lyric-3750-low-ResMustafa-Tux-Final12195065_1139373176090493_694277229060616385_o12309915_1151642328196911_395632706113051561_o13172991_1262333770461099_9119414351759218312_o

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