John Early for square one vodka

When Square One founder Allison Evanow talks to bar chefs about Square One vodka, a singular grain vodka made from organic American rye using organic fermentation and distillation techniques, it’s with a true understanding of her craft. As an ex-bartender at the Thunderbird Graduate Business School Pub in Glendale, Arizona, where she received her International MBA, she knows firsthand what it takes to please an ever-changing mix of first-time visitors and longtime regulars.

A native Virginian, Allison came to California in 1994 to finally be near her future husband after a long-distance relationship between Mexico and L.A. When she went to work for Jose Cuervo International a year later, her love for mixology rekindled, but she found that vodka was far more versatile for cocktails than Tequila, which she prefers in a margarita or sipped neat. She particularly likes the spirits industry and vodka in particular for its sheer depth and breadth of creativity.


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